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    All Welcome in the ClubHouse, Membership not necessary for visiting Club

  • About

    The Austrian Cultural Society ( Austrian Club Melbourne Inc ) was founded in 1944 and is dedicated to maintaining the connection to Austria, its culture and traditions. Originally set up to provide help to Austria at the end of the war, with the big influx of migrants in the early 50s and 60s, it quickly became the club for the Austrians and Friends of Austria as a meeting place. Today the club is a busy thriving club on 2 acres of beautifully maintained parkland which caters for both, the older migrants as well as the younger, often Australian born generations. Many of these will want to keep in touch with the rich historical and cultural heritage, stretching from the ice ages to the modern successor of a thousand year old empire.


    • To make known and promote Austrian culture in Australia with particular emphasis on Austrian Cuisine, Music and Arts.
    • To help enable children and young people to participate in social, cultural and artistic activities.

    Regular Activities

    Saturday Night

    The Club facilities (Bistro and Bar) are open from 6.00 pm til 9pm of dinner, and a band provides music for dancing and listening on Saturdays from 8.00 pm to midnight. Music can range from typically European style popular and folk music, to swing, jazz, Latin, bush dance, world music, and other styles. Due to the variety of functions held it is advisable to make enquiries beforehand and secure a reservation. There is free entry for Guests & Members currently on Austrian National day, for other entry prices please refer to "what's on" Entertainment guide for full details.



    The Club and its facilities are open from 11.30 am. On many afternoons special events and concerts take place. For example, the Robert Stolz Society presents several concerts during the year (reservations through the Robert Stolz Society only) and so does the AGTV hold their poetry competitons . The Club also presents performances of visiting overseas artists from Austria. Reservations are also advised for major events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, National Day etc. Some of the Club’s highlights are the Festivals it organizes in the beautiful grounds of the venue, like the “Spring Festival” (March) . A cover charge applies to all concerts and major events. The remaining Sundays in the year offer a great afternoon for the whole family, with musicians providing entertainment for your enjoyment - all with a small cover charge. Please refer to the "what's on" section for details of the whole year ahead.



    The Club is currently not open during the week except for special functions

  • Contact

    New Email Address: admin@austrianclubmelbourne.com.au

    Bookings & inquiries

    Tel (03) 9459 8686


    email : admin@austrianclubmelbourne.com.au


    Opening Hours:


    Saturdays - from 6.00pm

    Sundays - from 11.30am


    Food Service Hours:


    Saturday - 6.00pm - 8.00pm (Dinner only nights) 6.00 -8.30 pm Function Nights (with Band)

    Sunday - 11.30am - 2.30pm

    Cover Charge applies for Bands from $10 members  to $15 guests with other prices listed

    Also open at other times by arrangement for special functions


    90 Sheehan Road, Heidelberg West 3081


    (03) 9459 8686




  • Red Car Show

  • What's on at the Club

    Entertainment Program for 2022

    Saturday 23rd July, 2022


    Dinner in the Keller

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine
    Coffee & Cakes
    Bar Open








    Sunday 24th July, 2022


    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    No Band
    Coffee & Cakes
    Bar Open








    Tuesday 26th July, 2022


    Ernst Walter Luber

    Funeral 10am Fawkner Cemetery - Joyce Chapel

    Followed by

    Celebration Of Life - at the Austrian Club Melbourne


    Please RSVP if attending

    94598686 or admin@austrianclubmelbourne.com.au









    Saturday 30th July 2022    Closed

    Sunday 31st July, 2022


    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    in Clubhouse

    Swiss National Day

    Coffee & Cakes
    Bar Open








    Saturday 6th August, 2022


    Traditional Austrian Dinner

    in Kellerstube




    Sunday 7th August, 2022

    Silver Echoes playing the tunes

    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    in Clubhouse




    Saturday 13th August, 2022

    JW Swing Orchestra

    Traditional Austrian dinner

    in Clubhouse

    $20 pp



    Sunday 14th August, 2022

    Cool n Rhythm

    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    in Clubhouse




    Saturday 20th August, 2022

    Schnitzel Abend

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine





    Sunday 21st August, 2022

    Silver Echoes

    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    in Clubhouse




    Saturday 27th August, 2022

    AGTV Poetry

    Private Function

    Dinner Closed







    Sunday 28th August, 2022

    Tony Robeiro

    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    in Clubhouse




    Saturday 3rd September , 2022

    Dinner in the Keller

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine





    Sunday 4th September, 2022

    Cool n Rhythm

    Traditional Austrian Lunch

    Happy Fathers Day

    Free schnapps on arrival for the boys




    Saturday 10th September, 2022

    Dinner In the Keller

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Sunday 11th September, 2022

    Silver Echoes

    Traditional Austrian Lunch







    Saturday 17th September, 2022

    Schnitzel Abend

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Sunday 18th September, 2022

    Cool n Rhythm

    Traditional Austrian Lunch







    Sunday 24th September, 2022

    Dinner in the keller

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Sunday 25th September, 2022

    Tony & the boys

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Saturday 1st October, 2022

    Dinner in the keller

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Sunday 2nd October, 2022

    Cool n Rhythm

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Saturday 8th October, 2022

    Main hall Pvt Function

    Dinner in the keller

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Sunday 9th October, 2022


    Melbourne Oberkrainers

    Beers Beers and Song

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Saturday 15th October, 2022

    AGTV Poetry Competition

    Dinner Closed

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Sunday 16th October, 2022

    An Afternoon of Beautiful music

    Details Soon

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Saturday 22nd October, 2022

    Schnitzel Abend


    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Sunday 23rd October, 2022

    Austrian National Day Celebrations

    Details Soon

    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Saturday 29th October, 2022

    Schnitzel Abend


    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Sunday 30th October, 2022

    Tony & the boys


    Traditional Austrian Cuisine







    Saturday 5th November, 2022

    Dinner Closed









    Sunday 6th November , 2022

    Denis Novato

    World Champion Button Accordion player
    Meet the Accordion Superstar
    Sing Dance and enjoy an amazing afternoon


    Traditional Austrian Cuisine

    Tickets Prepaid
    Details soon







    Saturday 12th November , 2022

    Private Function in Main Hall


    Traditional Austrian Cuisine









    Sunday 13th November , 2022

    Silver Echoes 




    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Saturday 19th November , 2022

    Dinner in the Keller




    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Sunday 20th November , 2022

    Tony & the boys




    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Saturday 26th November , 2022

    Schnitzel Abend




    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Sunday 27th November , 2022


    Robert Stolz Viennese Music Society Inc.

    Stolz Society Christmas Concert


    Please contact society for bookings


    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Saturday 3rd December , 2022

    Dinner KellerStube




    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








    Sunday 4th December , 2022

    Silver Echoes




    Traditional Austrian Cuisine








  • Austria News

  • Club Facilities

    Main Hall

    With a seating capacity of 190 people, the main hall is used for functions and dinner and lunch.


    Our fully licensed bar has beer from Austria, a selection of Austrian Red and White wines, Austrian, German & Australia Beers, Australian wines, Almdudler, soft drinks and of course Schnapps.

    Festival Grounds

    Maintained grounds suitable for many activities from festivals , wedding receptions, end of year staff parties to group BBq's.

  • Restaurant Menu

    Tradizionelle Österreichische Hausmannskost
    Traditional home-made Austrian Food









    Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein mit Pommes und Salat

    (Pork schnitzel with chips and salad) 29



    Jaeger Schnitzel mit Spätzle

    (Pork Steak with Mushroom bacon sauce with Spätzle and House Salad) 29


    Schweinebraten mit hausgemachtem Semmelknödel und Sauerkraut

    (Roast Pork with homemade bread dumpling and Sauerkraut) 29


    Zigeuner Schnitzel

    Gypsy schnitzel – Veal Schnitzel with a light spicy capsicum – mushroom sauce.

    Served with “Spätzle” and green salad with a pumpkin seed dressing. 29


    Frieda’s Gulasch mit hausgemachtem Semmelknödel

    (Beef Gulasch) with homemade bread dumpling) 29


    Barramundi Filet mit Gemüse, Salzkartoffeln und Hausgemachte Tartar Sauce 29

    Barramundi Filet with garden vegetables, Rösti and House salad & Tartare


    Veal Cordon Bleu with garden vegetales, mash & nutmeg 29


    Austrian Parma- Chicken breat with kren, smoked ham, cheeses, gypsy sauce served with chips and salad 29


    SauceFleisch- Veal Filet with Frieda's special sauce, served with mash & nutmeg, garden vegetables 29


    KaseSpatzle - Homemade egg noodles with 4 diferent cheeses and Onion, served with salad 29


    Vegans and Vegetarians catered for please advise when booking








    Würstle / Sausages

    1 Paar Frankfurter mit Semmel. Senf und Kren (1 Pair Frankfurters with bread roll, mustard and horseradish) 14

    1 Paar Bratwurst mit Semmel. Senf und Kren (1 Pair Bratwurst with bread roll, Sauerkraut, mustard and horseradish) 14

    1 Paar Weisswurst mit Semmel. Sauerkraut, Senf und Kren (1 Pair White Sausage with bread roll, Sauerkraut, mustard and horseradish) 14

    1 Paar Kransky & Chilli mit Semmel. SauerKraut, Senf und Kren (1 Pair Chilli Kransky with bread roll, Sauerkraut, mustard and horseradish) 14

    If you have any special dietary requirements please speak to our trained staff.






    Apfelstrudel mit Vanilleeis & schlagsahne

    Traditional Apple Strudel ice-cream & cream 10


    Kuchen / Cakes

    Ask about our variety of Traditional fresh cakes made in-house 8





  • Membership

    Membership is open to any citizen of this planet - in theory. In other words, we welcome applications from anybody who is interested in becoming a member of our Club, regardless of nationality or religion, as long as you are willing to abide by the rules of the Austrian Cultural Society - and, of course you will have an interest in what we do.

    Membership of our Society entitles you to various benefits:

    1. Receive the quarterly Club's Newsletter with all the latest news free in the mail.
    2. Greatly reduced member's admission fees to all events with entry fees.
    3. Free entry to some events, where guests have to pay entry fees.
    4. Discounts on Meals in our Restaurant


    The good feeling that your membership helps to keep the Club going into the future.

    How to become a Member:

    1. Open and/or download the Membership form at this link: Membership Form     

    Adobe Acrobat available from https://get.adobe.com/reader/


    2. Fill in the Form and either:

    • post with your cheque or money order to the Austrian Club, 
    • or visit the Club during office hours or opening times to pay in person either by cheque, cash or credit card. (Unfortunately credit card facilities are not available over the Internet as yet)

    If you cannot locate existing members to nominate and second your application, you can still send the membership form and the Committee will qualify your application. If you have any queries or want more information about joining or what we do, please call the Club's office on 03 9459 8686. or send an email to: ausclub@bigpond.net.au

  • Sub Groups and other regular activities

    Table Tennis

    Currently suspended due to Covid Restrictions

    Fridays from 10am til 12 noon, in the Sports Pavilion

    Stockschießer (Icestock)

    On the Stock Bahn, (bitumen lanes/sports pavilion)


    • Sundays from 2.00 pm - Ice Stock practice & competition

    Currently Members Only able to play

    All Visitors observing must Sign in at Reception desk in Clubhouse

    Rosanna Rotary

    Wednesdays from 6 pm, in the Strauss Stube Currently Suspended Due to Covid Restrictions
    (Dinner & Meeting) New Members always Welcome


    Deer Hunters

    Thursday from 6.30 pm in the Main Hall, meet Bi-monthly on the 2nd Thursday of month

    Volkswagon Car Club Victoria

    Thursday from 6.00 pm in the Main Hall, meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of month

    Association Of German Teachers of Victoria Inc

    Poetry Competition Final

    Details To Be advised

    Robert Stolz Viennese Music Society Inc.


    Please Check Entertainment Guide for details

  • Committee

    The Austrian Club Management Committee 2017-2018


    Mr F Reiterer

    Vice President

    Mrs E Reiterer


    Claudia Hofer


    Mr W Khan


    Mr G Reiterer

    IT/Information Services

    Mr G Buresch

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